About Me

Hey there! I’m Maxine!

I’m a relationship coach and I teach women how to love themselves more, especially during and after divorce.

I’m a mum of two gorgeous teenagers, been married and divorced twice and am now in the best relationship of my life and feeling very blessed.  I’m passionate about serving women like you, who want to love and accept themselves completely.

In my coaching and online courses, I provide practical and spiritual tools to awaken the deep love inside you… so you can discover what you truly desire and what makes you come alive…  I show you how to transform your divorce heartache to love.  Love for yourself, others and a whole new beautiful soulful life.

Let’s be real, LOVE isn’t the first word that comes to mind when anyone mentions divorce… it’s more likely to be bitterness, anger, betrayal, and fighting over custody, that’s been the norm for a long time and I am here to change that. In my experience, it’s the lack of love for ourselves that keeps us stuck in the past and suffering for far longer than necessary?

Love transcends everything!

Unfortunately during a divorce or break up we tend to close our hearts (defence mechanism) and disconnect from love, it feels t0o painful and there’s a reason for that (I share this in my Get Divorce Fit online course). Disconnecting from love is the worst thing we can do as it prevents healing.

Since 2000, when I finished training as a psychotherapist, I’ve worked with hundreds of men and women and a common thread between all of us, is that we think we’re “not enough” or we’re “unlovable”. We give our power away to others and believe we’ll never have the love we truly want. In my coaching programs and this membership club, I’ll show you how to embrace your worthiness for love and will take you to a place of deep love and acceptance of yourself. (Juicy stuff I can assure you!).

I use tools and techniques from my online course and soon to be published book, The Divorce Detox to guide and show you how to powerfully detox and cleanse negative emotions, in such a way that you actually use the energy of the emotion to empower yourself and create a future you absolutely love.

I’ve done this, twice…you can too…

As I said I am in the best relationship of my life, with the most gorgeous man, who adores me completely, serves my greatness in the world, is my number one fan, who like me, meditates, loves yoga, is vegetarian, a huge family man, funny and he has reminded me of my passion for sailing… how’s that for meeting your Soulmate when you just turned 50!!!

Great love is here for you and I’m here to help you transform your divorce and help you create a deeply rewarding, juicy and fulfilling love life.

With love

“The course has been amazing! I have learned so much about myself. When I first started with Maxine I was all closed up, defensive and couldn’t see the point in relationships. I was also very hard on myself and the way I looked. Now I feel much lighter, feminine and open to all the opportunities and connections around me.  Since doing the course I have attracted at least three new clients into my business as well as a new part-time job which will help me get out of the house and meeting people again. My confidence has soared and I had the courage to ditch the black hair dye I had been hiding behind and actually go blonde! I am now far more accepting of my figure and open to every possibility in life.”


I think one of the best parts of the course was realising how much I was part of the problem. I had been blaming my ex-partner for everything and I felt completely powerless. Now I have a much better perspective of things and it’s allowed me to move on and do things differently. I like myself more and am ready for the next phase of my life.”


I honestly didn’t realise I was holding on to so much grief and blame. It felt good to finally let it go. I feel a freedom that I have not felt in years and its great that my ex no longer pushes my buttons. Thank you Maxine, it’s changed my life.” 


The pain of not being around my kids was unbearable and it was getting me down. I couldn’t function at work and I was worried about getting fired for making a mistake. Doing this program and having coaching helped me to get in control of my anger and sadness and now I’m much more balanced. I still miss my kids, but I am getting on better with my ex wife and now we are more accommodating and flexible.” 


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